Chocolatier Australia Melbourne Chocolate Factory Christmas Collection Ultimate Gift Box

Chocolatier Australia Christmas Ultimate Gift Box - 380g

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The Ultimate Gift made in Melbourne by Chocolatier Australia. A box of fine Australian made chocolates makes the perfect gift to say thank you, I love you, welcome home, congratulations, you are the best!

Mini Mudcake - Soft caramel in a milk chocolate cup & sprinkled with milk chocolate flakes

Cookies & Cream Truffle - White chocolate & real biscuit crumb rolled in creamy white chocolate flakes

Baby Cappuccino - Caramel filled milk chocolate cup with hints of coffee in each bite

Dark Chocolate Brownie - Real biscuit crumb & crushed roasted almonds rolled into a perfect truffle

Strawberry Delice - A white chocolate strawberry filling encased in a pure milk chocolate cup

Butterscotch Cup - Pure milk chocolate surrounds a smooth caramel butterscotch centre

Salted Caramel Truffle - Sweet & salty at its best – pure milk chocolate with a soft caramel filling

Dark Salted Caramel - Soft caramel encased in pure dark chocolate sprinkled with salt

Espresso - Caramel filled dark chocolate cup with hints of coffee in each bite

Salted Almond - An indulgent mix of salted almond pieces in luscious dark chocolate

Belgian Wafer - A decadent mix of dark chocolate & crunchy Belgian wafer

Hazelnut Praline Truffle - Hazelnut praline & pure dark chocolate rolled in milk & white chocolate flakes 

Pure Dark Truffle - Dark chocolate lovers dream, rich pure dark chocolate truffle

Peanut Butter Caramel - Peanut butter & caramel filling, topped with roasted peanuts in a pure milk cup

36 Pieces




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