Hot Cross Bun Bread & Butter Pudding

Hot Cross Bun Bread & Butter Pudding

Hot cross bun bread and butter pudding

A Recipe to Make Your Own Hot Cross Bun Pudding

The shops have worked hard selling hot cross buns pretty much since the day after Christmas and by Easter, most of us should have had at least one. It’s hard to find stats on how much Aussies love these baked buns, but Woolworths’ alone sells over 70 million hot cross buns a year, and for obvious reasons, April is their biggest selling month for these treats.

So, if like the rest of us, you have indulged in hot cross buns this Easter and have a pack lying around, then we have a great recipe for you to use up those leftovers. You also have the option to make this hot cross bun pudding all year round. It’s delicious and popular chain supermarkets and bakeries often sell them outside of the Easter season, so you can grab a pack throughout the year.

You will want to save this delicious Easter dessert recipe. Use your favourite Hot Cross Buns and our chocolate Easter eggs for an indulgent pudding with an Easter twist.

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Here’s everything you’ll need and how to make your very own hot cross bun pudding…


An Easter version of bread and butter pudding

How to make a Hot Cross Bun Pudding

We have paired this recipe with chocolate easter eggs from our Easter range. The simplest option is our solid mini eggs available in couverture milk or dark chocolate. We’d recommend buying what you need for the recipe, plus some extras to nibble on while you bake. And, don’t forget some extra eggs for the kids! 

A close up of hot cross bun pudding


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So, there you have it - A delicious hot cross bun pudding recipe. It’s easy, uses up your leftovers and is spot on for a big Easter lunch with the family.

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