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How to celebrate with a Smash Cake


a 5th birthday chocolate smash cake with colourful smarties

There's something undeniably enchanting about a combination of chocolate and celebration, and when it comes to creative confections, few treats can match the sheer excitement and whimsical appeal of a chocolate smash cake.

Picture this: a beautifully crafted chocolate shell encasing an assortment of delectable treats, waiting to be smashed open and reveal its hidden treasures. The anticipation builds as the moment draws near, and then, with a resounding crack, the chocolate shatters, exposing a delightful explosion of candies, sprinkles, and other delectable surprises. It's a truly magical experience that combines the joy of indulging in mouthwatering chocolate with the thrill of uncovering hidden treasures.

A smash cake can complete a party and we want to highlight everything that’s great about smash cakes and answer any questions you might have.

So, get ready to be delighted - let's dive into the wonderful world of chocolate smash cakes.

What is a smash cake?

A chocolate smash cake, also known as a pinata cake or chocolate dome smash cake, is a decadent and interactive dessert that combines the allure of premium, luxury chocolate with the excitement of breaking open a beautifully crafted shell. It is a confectionery marvel that entices both the eyes and the taste buds.

A chocolate smash cake is constructed by molding high-quality, couverture chocolate into a sturdy shell. Skilled chocolatiers create intricate and visually stunning shells, often featuring elaborate patterns, sculpted shapes, or personalized messages. These designs elevate the cake, making it a show-stopping centerpiece.

But what sets a chocolate smash cake apart from traditional cakes is the surprise element hidden within. Chocolate smash cakes are filled with an array of delectable treats like lollies. They’re waiting, concealed within the cake, to be discovered when the shell is smashed open.

The joy of a chocolate smash cake lies in the anticipation and the interactive experience it provides. There's a satisfying crack as the shell shatters and the delightful reveal of hidden treasures is nothing short of enchanting.

a smashed chocolate smash cake filled with lollies

How big is a smash cake?

We can only speak for ourselves and our delectable chocolate smash cakes. They come in two sizes:

Our large chocolate smash cake has a 1kg chocolate shell and 1kg of lollies inside.

Our small chocolate smash cake has a 300g chocolate shell and 300g of lollies inside.

What your occasion is for will alter the size of cake you’d need. If you have a larger party, with many guests expected, we’d recommend our large cake. Any leftovers can always be kept in air-tight containers and eaten later.

How to decorate a smash cake

A chocolate cake smash has endless possibilities. But we believe, the brighter the better!

We decorate our chocolate smash cakes in lollies, edible chocolate decorations and hand piped white chocolate messages.

If you select a Chocilo chocolate smash cake we decorate the cake for you. We offer many decorative options including significant birthday milestones and your favourite footy team.

You can see our full range of options here.

a chocolate smash cake celebrating a footy team

How to make a cake smash?

You can make a chocolate cake smash at home, but prepare yourself, because it is complicated, messy and expensive, if you waste the chocolate.

If you’re not great at, or have never worked with chocolate, we’d strongly recommend buying one. Otherwise, you’ll need to factor in the following

  • Assembling skills (with chocolate)
  • Chocolate tempering
  • Mould making
  • Decorating skills
  • Time and patience with multiple steps and a cold kitchen (where the chocolate won’t melt)

Alternatively, buy a chocolate cake smash.

Where to buy a cake smash

From us! If you live near Melbourne, we offer the option to buy chocolate smash cakes at our Ivanhoe shop, or design your own online for click and collect here. This is for Melbourne metro homes, we have a map of our serviceable delivery area here.

Select decorations according to your taste and occasion and let us do the hard work for you.

Celebrate your next occasion with a show-stopping chocolate smash cake and watch your guests giggle and squeal in delight.

We also customise chocolate smash cakes for corporate events and functions.

a chocolate smash cake custom designed for Jetstar

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