DIY chocolate platter ideas

How to make a Christmas Chocolate Platter

DIY chocolate platter ideas

Christmas time is upon us and welcoming your guests with delicious food and a festive table helps to make your day extra special.

A great way to celebrate with your guests this season is with a Christmas chocolate platter.

A chocolate platter is a twist on a savoury platter and includes an array of chocolate treats, laid out in a beautiful way to elevate your Christmas table.

We’re going to show you how to make a stunning chocolate platter for your Christmas table, filled with decadent and premium chocolates made right here, in Australia. Even better, it’ll be ready in under 2 minutes!

Your family and guests will be delighted with this carefully orchestrated and yet, easy-to-make platter.

Here’s how to make your very own Christmas chocolate platter…

Here’s what you’ll need to make a chocolate platter

To make it easy, here’s a helpful list of all the chocolates you’re going to need. But, feel free to get creative and choose your own favourite Chocilo Melbourne and Chocolatier Australia chocolates as substitutes.

1 x Rocky Road Milk Chocolate Block
1 x Fruit & Nut Milk Chocolate Block
10 x Milk Chocolate Stars
1 x Speckles in Milk Chocolate
1 x Hazelnuts in Milk Chocolate
1 x Almonds in Dark Chocolate
1 x Sultanas in Milk Chocolate
1 x Pretzels in Dark Chocolate
1 x Grounded Pleasures Marshmallows
5 x Gingerbread Milk Chocolates
5 x Plum Pudding Milk Chocolates
5 x Christmas Caramel Milk Chocolates
5 x Fruit Mince Tart Milk Chocolates
5 x Candy Cane Dark Chocolates

How to build a chocolate platter

Acquiring these decadent chocolates is easy, next you’ll need to display them on a platter.

Here’s a handy video to help

Our helpful list and this handy video should help you nail an incredible Christmas chocolate platter for your table in under 2 minutes.

And, this chocolate platter idea is incredibly versatile. Our Christmas chocolate platter includes treats with festive decorations, but if you want to make a similar platter for a different occasion there are variations available.

For example, if you want to make a chocolate platter for Mother’s day you can sub the festive individual chocolates with loose chocolates that feature pink decorations like

- Milk chocolate flower pot
- Pink milk chocolate champagne truffle

Or, if you’re celebrating a sporting win, you can sub in novelty chocolates like our individual milk chocolate footy boots and milk chocolate soccer balls.

So, there you have it - A fantastic chocolate platter idea you can make at home that will wow your family and guests and be ready in under 2 minutes.

Help your guests feel special and enjoy precious time together this Christmas with a Chocilo Melbourne Christmas chocolate platter.

Shop our full Christmas range here.

If you do make a chocolate platter featuring Chocilo chocolates please make sure to tag us on Instagram (@chocilo_melbourne) so we can see your creations. Big or small, we love them all!

Platter by The Party Bebe. Check out Emily's Instagram and Blog

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