How to make a Christmas Chocolate Wreath

How to make a Christmas Chocolate Wreath

DIY chocolate wreath

There’s nothing more enjoyable at Christmas than watching your family tuck into all the delicious treats that come with Christmas day.

But, let’s face it - it’s hard work.

Creating incredible festive dishes can take hours of prep and cooking time. So, we have a fantastic Christmas dessert for you that’s DIY, easy and works as a table setting too!

Here's our ‘recipe’, or guide, to building a DIY Chocolate Wreath for your Christmas table. They won’t be able to keep their hands off - we promise!

How to Make a Chocolate Christmas Wreath

The best bit about this ‘recipe’ is that you can buy all the chocolates you’ll need in one handy gift box. Plus, you can stock up on gifts at the same time.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 x All I want for Christmas Chocolate Hamper
1 x punnet of red cherries Festive foliage for decoration

How to Make a Chocolate Candy Wreath

This chocolate Christmas wreath is customisable because you can choose where to place the chocolates yourself, or even substitute with different chocolates if you prefer.

By selecting a foliage of your choice you can put your own spin on the style of the wreath. Make sure to select some neutral foliage that’s not too fragrant (no Eucalyptus) as it may effect the taste of the chocolate.

By changing the foliage to your personal tastes, or perhaps what’s growing in your garden, means this table setting could be available for other times of the year. In spring you could opt for something more floral and select a chocolate gift box without festive chocolates.

‘All the favourites’ chocolate hamper would work well for non-denominational celebrations.

To see how to decorate a wreath for your table, watch this video below that was created for us by ThePartyBebe

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The Party Bebe has used a flat table, laid out the foliage and simply placed her chocolates around in a delightful wreath shape.

The chocolates are not glued down, so there’s no issue with chemicals near edible treats and it means your guests and family can grab all day long.

So, there you have it - A fantastic chocolate christmas wreath that’s easy to set up and looks incredible.

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And hey, we know how busy things get at Christmas. We all go into this festive season with the best of intentions; all the incredible desserts we’ll make, how much we want to decorate our homes. If life gets on top of you and you realise you don’t have time to make your own chocolate wreath, you can always get one from our store!

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If you do make a chocolate platter featuring Chocilo chocolates please make sure to tag us on Instagram (@chocilo_melbourne) so we can see your creations. Big or small, we love them all!

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