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The History of White Chocolate

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We love white chocolate. It’s smooth, creamy and versatile enough that it can be enjoyed on its own or as part of a recipe, complimenting the taste of other ingredients.

We wanted to explore what makes white chocolate so special and where it came from.

So, let’s dive in - what is it?

What is White Chocolate Made of?

  • Cocoa Butter
  • Sugar
  • Cream/Milk
  • Flavouring
  • Additional ingredients unique to manufacturers and chefs

It’s a different recipe from dark and milk chocolate, which leads some to argue that white chocolate is not real chocolate, so let’s investigate that…

Is White Chocolate Chocolate?

Yes, it is. White chocolate is real chocolate.

Or, at least, we think so. Although white chocolate haters may do their best to argue that it isn’t, it’s a derivative of real chocolate.

White chocolate differs because whilst it uses cocoa beans, like milk and dark chocolate, there are several steps in the processing method that are missed out because it doesn’t contain cocoa or cocoa liquor.

Cocoa - beans of the cacao tree that have been fermented and roasted into nibs and then ground into a powder.

Cocoa Liquor - cacao beans are cleaned, roasted, crushed into nibs and then ground into a liquid.

Cocoa Butter - the cocoa liquor (as above) is pressed to separate the fat (cocoa butter)

So, that's why we believe white chocolate is a legitimate chocolate and in some cases, even better than the alternatives.

The History of White Chocolate

There are conflicting opinions on when and where white chocolate began, although it seems to be fairly agreed upon that it was after World War 1 and before World War 2; possibly launched by the Nestle Corporation as a by-product from all their excess cocoa butter.

Here’s a great breakdown:
“In 1936, Nestle teamed up with Roche, a pharmaceutical group company, to develop Nestrovit, a product targeted at children to get their daily nutrients and vitamins. However, the team needed proper coating for the formula because it was meant to be distributed in tablet form (to retain all the nutrients from heat and humidity). Thus, cocoa butter was added to create the tablet's coating. Little did they know, they stumbled upon a discovery: white chocolate! Nestle realized that "non-medicinal versions" of Nestrovit can be created for consumers. Cue the introduction of Galak Bar, otherwise known as Milkybar!” Source

The Growing Popularity of White Chocolate

White chocolate has grown in popularity since the early 20th century thanks to its malleability and its suitability to blend with other foods, enhancing flavour and adding a taste of luxury.

Nowadays, white chocolate is typically more expensive than its dark chocolate counterparts due to the higher costs of cocoa butter necessary to make its chocolatey flavour. “White chocolate is such a versatile ingredient! Because of its subtlety, it pairs well with so many different ingredients, from the traditional to more exotic, and really enhances the natural flavor profiles of whatever you're combining it with…” Source

It also has less caffeine content and a smoother, buttery flavour profile than its darker counterparts.

At over $315 million sold annually, Brazil has by far the world’s largest appetite for white chocolate. It accounts for 15.5% of the country’s overall chocolate market, the highest percentage for any of the 52 major countries surveyed. Netherlands was second, with 15%; South Africa was third, with 13.5%; and Mexico was fourth, with 11%. Source

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