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Top Teacher Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas time is on its way and something we hear a lot from our customers around the festive period is:

“Do you have any gift ideas for teachers this Christmas?”

Gift ideas for teachers can be a tricky one, because you want to get them something a bit special, something they won’t get every year, but you also don’t want to spend a fortune.

So, you need something a bit decadent and special that won’t break the bank.

Well, you’re in the right place – here are our top teacher Christmas gift ideas for this season:

1) A small gift - 4 Pack Christmas Chocolate Assortment Gift Box

We’ll start at the smaller price range. Perhaps you’re looking for a smaller gift or have a smaller budget.

We have a range of gifts available for under $15 including this delicate small treat featuring 4 festive Chocolates in a pink gift box. At $7.95 it is ideal as a small teacher’s gift, especially if you have a number of teachers to buy for. Or perhaps you need daycare teacher’s gifts?

Enjoy 2 Christmas Caramels and 2 Christmas Plum Puddings, 2 of our most popular festive individual chocolates.

Shop the 4 pack Christmas Chocolate Assortment Gift

Shop our range of Christmas gifts under $15

 2) A fun gift - "Merry Christmas" Champagne Bottle in Milk Chocolate

If you need a teacher’s Christmas Gift that has more ‘wow’, then our novelty Christmas Champagne Bottle in milk chocolate is a fabulous choice. It’s also available in dark chocolate and either come wrapped in cello and tied with a bow.

Shop our chocolate champagne bottle in milk chocolate

Shop our range of Christmas gifts under $30

3) A decadent gift - 36 Pack Christmas Chocolate Assortment Gift

chocolate gift box for a teacher’s Christmas gift


If you have a little more budget and you want to impress the teacher, then our 36 pack assortment gift box is a great choice at $49.95.

It features milk, dark and white chocolates with festive decorations in a pink gift box. It’s easy to wrap and looks absolutely beautiful.

This gift box is available in 4, 12, 24, 36, 48 and 72 and if your budget is around $50, then this has your teacher’s Christmas gift sorted.

Shop the 36 pack Christmas Chocolate Assortment Gift

Shop our range of Christmas gifts under $50

4) A gift for when you’re not sure what to give them – “Jolly Feast” Christmas Chocolate Hamper

large chocolate Christmas hamper for a teacher

Perhaps you have a budget of around $100 this year for your teacher’s gift, but you’re not sure what to get them.

Our “Jolly Feast” Christmas Chocolate Hamper is a great option because it includes a little of everything and thanks to its beautiful packaging it doesn’t need wrapping.

The hamper is jam-packed with decadent goodies they can enjoy throughout Christmas and New Year’s, and it’s all presented in a branded gift box

Shop the “Jolly Feast” Christmas Chocolate Hamper

Shop our range of Christmas gifts under $100

5) For when you have lots of teachers to buy for try these smaller gifts – Christmas Gift Boxes

If you have a lot of teachers to buy for this year – perhaps your child is at daycare and you want to buy gifts for all of their daycare teachers, you’ll probably need some smaller options.

We have a range of Chocolate Gift Cubes for under $6 each. You can grab a variety or stick with some of your favourites.

Because they’re boxed, they’re easily wrapped and stacked.

Shop our range of Christmas Gift Boxes

These are some of our top teacher’s gifts for this Christmas, but we have a large range of Chocolate Christmas gift ideas, so if these don’t quite work, browse our whole Christmas range, as we’re sure you’ll find something they’ll enjoy.

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