Chocilo Melbourne 10 Secret Santa Gift ideas Under $15

10 Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $15

You’re here because you’re on the hunt for some Secret Santa gift ideas. Well, look no further as we have 10 incredible gift ideas for under $15.

Secret Santa gifts can be a little tricky, sometimes you don’t know the recipient that well, or sometimes a restricted budget does limit your options. Perhaps you don’t feel you can get something special, luxurious or thoughtful with a tight budget. We’re going to show you that’s not the case.

So, here’s our list of 10 Secret Santa gift ideas for under $15…

1) A Chocolate Almond Wreath Decorative Gift

Edible chocolate Christmas wreath gift

Available in both milk and dark chocolate, our indulgent almond wreaths are coated in delicious premium chocolate and decorated with Jelly Belly beans. They come packaged in an elegant gift box and they’re so versatile, they can be eaten straight away, or the recipient can use it as a table decoration.
At only $12.95 it’s well within your budget.

Shop the Almond Wreath in Dark Chocolate with Jelly Bellies 

2) Gingerbread Chocolate Man Covered in Speckles

 A chocolate gingerbread man Secret Santa Gift Idea

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a little ginger. This solid chocolate gingerbread man features couverture chocolate covered in speckles. At $8.95 it’s within budget and it is easily wrapped.

Shop our Gingerbread man in Milk Chocolate with Speckles

3) Small Chocolate Assortment Gift Box

Christmas Chocolate Gift Box

If you need a Secret Santa gift for someone a little more sophisticated or grown up, then this is a decadent option. It’s $7.95, so ticks the budget box and it features 2 of our most popular festive flavours in a gift box.

Shop the 4 pack Christmas Chocolate Assortment Gift Box

4) Gingerbread Milk Chocolate Gift Box

Gingerbread chocolates in a gift box for a secret Santa gift

This secret Santa gift combines sophistication and a little fun. Presented in a beautiful dusty pink gift box, these 6 gingerbread chocolates are filled with crunchy crumbs, ground ginger and other spices in a creamy filling. They’re easy to wrap and only $10.95

Shop the Christmas Gingerbread Milk Chocolates Gift Box

5) Novelty Chocolate Lollipop

Looking for something a little more fun than sophisticated, then this novelty chocolate lollipop is a winner. It’s made of solid couverture chocolate and features “Christmas Wishes” hand-piped in white chocolate.

At only $6.95 each, you can grab a couple for your secret Santa gift, package them together as a fun bouquet, and still be within budget.

Shop the “Christmas Wishes" Chocolate Lollipop 

6) NOMO Vegan Chocolates

NOMO chocolate reindeer

If you know your Secret Santa gift recipient is dairy free, allergic to nuts and/or vegan get them something really thoughtful from NOMO. We have a range of chocolates from NOMO that are all dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free and nut free. We also have these individually wrapped creamy chocolate cookie dough reindeer. At only $2.95 you can buy a few as an inclusive and delicious treat.

Shop the NOMO Cookie Dough Reindeer 

7) Novelty Chocolate StubbyNovelty Chocolate stubby for a Secret Santa gift

Your eyes are not deceiving you, this is a life-sized chocolate stubby. It’s a hollow chocolate shell with hand-piped white chocolate greeting and it’s $11.95, so works perfectly with your budget.

Shop the “Christmas Cheers” Stubby in Milk Chocolate 

8) Chocolate Father Christmas


Chocolate father Christmas secret Santa gift

It’s the jolly man himself. Our hollow chocolate Santa is made of delicious Chocilo chocolate and comes wrapped in a cello bag with a ribbon. He’s adorable and at only $7.95 he makes a great secret Santa gift.

Shop our Father Christmas in Milk Chocolate

9) Chocolatier Australia Gold Festive Chocolate Assortment


This gift box is another sophisticated option. It comes pre-packaged so it’s easy to wrap and features 12 delicious chocolates from Chocolatier Australia. It’s $11.95, so still well-within budget and includes popular flavours:

  • Mint
  • Mudake 
  • Fruit Mince Tart
  • Candy Cane

Shop Chocolatier Australia Festive Chocolate Selection Gift Box 

10) A Chocolate Christmas Treat Edible Decoration

Here’s something that’s fun and a little bit special for a secret Santa gift. This chocolate tree works as an edible ornament that can hang from a Christmas tree, or it can be removed and used as a table or cake decoration. It’s only $3.95 and is available in a star shape too. Buy 1, or buy both, and you’re still under your $15 budget.

Shop the Christmas Tree Trimmer in Milk Chocolate 

So, there you have it - 10 great Secret Santa Gift ideas for under $15. If you’re not sure what your recipient likes or how to find a great gift with a small budget, then this list has you covered - there’s something for everyone. 

Shop our full Christmas range here.

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